The country’s football federation are believed to have offered the 36-year-old the position after a successful 18 year career as a player.

Shevchenko is the country’s all time top goalscorer with 56 international finishes to his name and it is reckoned that he will be the lynchpin to Ukraine’s future.

Ukraine have had the position vacant due to their former manager Oleg Blokhin leaving to take over the Dynamo Kiev post.

The former Premier League ace has now finally been invited to take over the responsibility of carrying the club’s hopes as a leader off the pitch.

On the pitch he had captained his side to the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2006, and now the country’s federation hopes he can inspire future Ukrainian sides to similar feats.

Anatoliy Konkov, president of the Football Federation Ukraine said on their official website: “[we have] decided to invite Andriy Shevchenko to take the post of head coach”.

There are concerns that the 36-year-old does not having any managerial knowledge, but Konkov was quick to dismiss these claims, pointing to Pep Guardiola as a prime example that you can achieve success with limited experience.

In this case, Guardiola went on to win 3 Spanish titles and 2 UEFA Champions League’s, and Konkov is hoping Shevchenko will be an inspirational appointment who achieves comparable success.

The Ukraine president of football went on to defend his choice saying: “He has enough experience and character. The federation, in turn, will ensure to give him all the help he needs with the national team”.


    3 years ago

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