In this evening’s Champions League action, Chelsea succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of PSG in the French capital. But arguably the best player on the pitch was Blues star Eden Hazard, who netted his side’s only goal of the match. So in homage to his inspiring performance, here’s three reasons the Belgium international is, to use the old cliché, ‘world-class’.

1. Reaction of the PSG faithful.

Former allegiances to Lille or not, you know you’re something special when the fans feel compelled to boo and wolf-whistle every time you get on the ball. From the opening minutes, Eden Hazard received such a cold reception from the PSG supporters, as these twitter enthusiasts quickly picked up on:


Not that it put him off at all – the Belgium international was arguably Chelsea’s man of the match.

2. Composure when it matters most.

For a player so young – Hazard is still just 23 years of age – his confidence and composure is astounding. Chelsea conceded an early goal and the atmosphere at Parc des Princes was already intense enough to say the least. Oscar went down in the box at the 26th minute after a very clumsy challenge from Thiago Silva. And who did the Blues rely on to get them back into the game? The Belgium international of course, who stepped up to the spot and calmly stroked the ball into the corner of the net, sending Salvatore Sirgu the wrong way.

Although this Chelsea fan didn’t seem to appreciate it too much…


3. He never loses the ball.

If there’s one sector of Eden Hazard’s game that’s undisputedly world class, it’s undoubtedly his exceptional dribbling ability. The 23 year-old never loses the ball when it’s at his feet, no matter how many defenders he’s faced with, and no matter what dead-end he’s inadvertently stumbled into. I say stumbled, I should say graced into. Tonight he recorded 3 successful dribbles, the most of any player involved in the match. Likewise, the Belgium rarely concedes possession through his passing. Against PSG this evening, he recorded 35 accurate passes out of 40. These Chelsea fans agree:



What do you think?

Eden Hazard is World Class


  • quarshie
    2 years ago

    if hazard is world class player then all the players in the world of soccer too are word class players

  • abdisalm abdullahi
    5 months ago

    Eden hazard is such wonderful player to watch his skills and dribbling ability Eden hazard completed 262 dribbles in 36 games only 10 less then messi his messi like when he dribbles. his very fast he when attacks he can explode which is helpful for time long passes short passes passing ability his world class footballer he would be least 130millon