Brendan Rodgers is really starting to grate and needs to turn his attentions back to the areas where he can have an effect this season.

Both sides came away from the game yesterday with various grievances about the result, but on reflection a draw seemed about the right result. David Moyes argued that Luis Suarez should have been sent off for his stamp on Sylvain Distin, while referee Andre Marriner dished out a series of baffling yellow cards which stopped the game from flowing in a largely forgettable second half.

However, the main talking point to take away from the game was the incorrectly disallowed goal in the final minute for the visitors, with Luis Suarez adjudged to have been in an offside position when he poked the ball in the back of the net. While the original free-kick may have been a tad on the soft side and an argument could be made that Sebastian Coates fouled Phil Jagielka by nodding the ball across goal, that doesn’t make the decision any more acceptable and once again it’s simply a case of a linesman guessing that he’s got it right.

Rodgers stated in the post-match press conference: “Instead of being a well-deserved and brilliant win for us, we are left feeling frustrated. I was bitterly disappointed at not getting the winner. It was a brilliant game and I thought we stood up well. I am so disappointed it didn’t count because it was an easy decision. I am not going to keep going on about officials because it has been happening to us all season. But that one at the end was quite straightforward. It was a free-kick from deep and the ball was in the air for a long time and you could clearly see he was onside. When he put it in he was marginally level.”

Now managers moaning about decisions going against them is as old as time, often used as a tactic to distract any closer inspection about their own team’s deficiencies. Nevertheless, ranging from the opening day stinker against West Brom, the hugely contentious red card dished out to Jonjo Shelvey and the penalty that Glen Johnson conceded, plus Luis Suarez failing to receive a penalty away at Norwich after being practically rugby tackled by Leon Barnett, it’s clear that things have not gone the club’s way and it’s costing them crucial points.

This has led to Rodgers writing to refereeing chief Mike Riley in an attempt to seek an explanation for the decisions that have gone against his side, but after stating that he was hoping for “better decisions over the coming weeks” after the Manchester United clash, he implies that there’s some sort of inherent agenda against Liverpool.

Of course, that isn’t true, though. We may like to comfort ourselves with the thought that certain referees favour particular clubs but in the end a poor decision is just a poor decision and we shouldn’t confused incompetence with bias, as that’s a very dangerous road to go down.

At the end of the day, officials are only human and they leave themselves open to critique because of the way that they seemingly allow themselves to be swept away like the rest of us with pre-conceived notions and reputations. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only thing stopping Suarez for winning a penalty this season is his reputation as a diver.

There have been legitimate cases where Suarez should have won a penalty, but at the same time, he doesn’t help himself or his team with his obvious swan lake impressions in other games and if he continues to create that doubt in referees minds, then they will continue to err on the side of caution in not awarding them.

Liverpool don’t have as many points on the board so far this season that their performances merit and in Rodgers they have a forward-thinking coach who adapted his side well to suit the aerial demands of the game against Everton, which bodes well for the future. The foundations of an exciting side are there for all to see, but if he continues to get bogged down in what might have been, he may lose sight of what they could become, which would be more unfortunate than any howler that may have gone against them this season.

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  • BleDeBla
    3 years ago

    Hold on …

    Something has just occurred to me …

    Liverpool were TROPHY-LESSLY battling relegation before Dalglish returned & now that he has left them with a parting gift of the 3’rd tightest defense in the league , the experience of getting to every cup final available to them in a season , an instant return to European competition , their 1’st trophy in 6 years & all for a cost of £1 million less than what Rodgers has spent already ……


    Could there be some kinda strange link between the clubs health & the leadership of Kenny Dalglish ?

    Its all such a mystery to me & my fwagile wittle mind !!!

    • nick
      3 years ago

      u must be foolish did u forget over 70 million pounds in useless transfers edging out maxi, kuyt and raul probably would have edged out suso (who had a contract expiring in half a season) and other youths for his cr*p football get out of here.

      • BleDeBla
        3 years ago

        Look , Im not here to talk about who you think is yer ideal husband from yer favourite boyband .

        Im here to talk about football & the facts speak for themselves .

        Kuyt & Maxi had been fringe players at the club for years on end & like many others had delivered absolutely nothing for the fans apart from bluff , bluster & a dip into the relegation zone .

        It wasnt until Kenny returned they actually produced anything .

        Last season 3 clubs won competitions in England .

        1: Man City , they had a net spend of £83 million over the 16 months Dalglish was in charge at LFC .

        2: Chelsea , they had a net spend of £147 million over the 16 months Dalglish was in charge at LFC .

        3: Liverpool who had a net spend of only £30 million over the 16 months Dalglish was in charge at LFC .

        Dalglish sent out £80 million worth of players & brought in £110 million worth of players in his successful squad rebuilding .

        I fail to see the waste especially when I consider they contested a final for the first time in 5 years , won something for the 1‘st time in over 6 years , they contested 2 major finals in one season for the 1‘st time in 7 years , they had the 3‘rd tightest defense in the league while creating more goal scoring opportunity’s than every club outside the top two & all in their 1‘st season together as a squad !

        Also how you can attempt to question Dalglishs record with youth is beyond stupid when his match day squads regularly used Coates , Enrique , Shelvey , Wilson , Sterling , Spearing , Kelly , Flanagan , Robinson , Suarez , Carroll & Henderson while all of them were under 25 !

        He is also responsible for the club signing McManaman & Shelvey .

        He has also brought Shearer , Sutton , Le Saux , Batty , Ablett , Staunton & Burrows into his teams & made them Champions !

        He is also responsible for bringing Dietmar Hamann & Shay Given into English football !

        He replaced Jovanovich with Downing , he replaced Poulsen with Adam , he replaced El Zhar with Henderson , he replaced NGog with Bellamy , he replaced Koncheskey with Coates , he replaced Insua with Enrique .

        Those are the facts , plain & simple .

        How anyone can fail to see that those transfer dealings were a major improvement is beyond ridiculous but add to that that they won a trophy in their 1‘st season together & it can only be concluded that LFC fans are the most ignorant , clueless plain old fashioned stupid fans of any club in the world & relegation is all they deserve !

        • nick
          3 years ago

          using youth on a regular where did u get that from how much times have suso featured under dalglish, shelvey was sent on loan, sterling played 3 matches under dalglish, coady was on the bench, robinson only appeared in the leauge cup to be fair only flanagan and coates got a few games if i remember correctly ….. if maxi and kuyt were so bad then tell me how did they get more goals and assists that downing, charlie adam and henderson?? net spend torres was 50 million and what did dalglish do with the funds p*ss it out i’m glad brendan’s getting rid of the trash 35 mill 4 premier leauge goals unbelievable….. know what i am tired arguing with fans like u on why dalglish needed to go point is he’s gone THANK GOD!!!

        • BlaDeBla
          3 years ago

          So wat yer saying is you dont know if you like relegation struggling more than you like promotion campaigns ?

          Not to worry .

          This time next season you will have experienced enough of both to make an informed decision

  • Matty
    3 years ago

    Sorry mate, but Rogers is spot on……..How would Fergie react????? That horrid excuse for a human being (fergie) would have kicked off! Sadly, football is being killed by people who have had too much time in a over-elevated position……Hence – slur alex speaks……and football suffers. When he quits,I will start being interested. A long suffering supporter!!!

    • BleDeBla
      3 years ago

      Like him or not Ferguson has paid his dues as both a player & a manager .

      ?Unlike the media darling Rodgers , nobody ever sugar coated anything for Ferguson , he had to jump into the trenches & fight his way to the top & that is what he has done & he has & is receiving his reward for it in terms of success & the respect he receives .

      I personally dont like his public persona , I dont like his snide antics in the press & although I acknowledge they can be scintillating when they get it together similar to Ajax in the mid 90’s I dont like his match tactics ,

      With that all said I have to give the man his due , he has earned his position at the top of the game unlike Rodgers .