Gerrard has continued to be the one rock at the club, keeping the team together and being a brilliant captain, not that it has done any good for his own career. So, what would have happened if he had left Anfield and gone to Chelsea in 2006? For the launch of thie 10th edition of the game, Football Manager has used their vast databases to simulate what would have happened in this ‘what if’ scenario and the outcome is not great for Stevie G.

According to the simulator Gerrard would have racked up many accolades if he had made the move, winning an astonishing five Premier League titles, two FA Cups and two Champions League titles. His time playing for England showed some mixed performances, but as his partnership in midfield with Lampard grew at Chelsea, this was showcased in international matches as well.

How did this effect Liverpool? It didn’t. They remained trophy-less throughout this period.