As the cameras circled Wembley Stadium during the Capital One Cup Final between Manchester City and Sunderland on Sunday, the last thing they were expecting to see was a fan holding a wooden DOOR!

It’s still unknown why or how the fan was able to sneak the door in to Wembley, but it might just be the most random thing ever to be snuck in to a football stadium in the history of football.

This has to rank up there with the more bizarre pictures found throughout the footballing world. Maybe it was a door to show that it’s time for Sunderland and their fans to start heading home?

Either way, hats off the this fan who gets 10 out of 10 for innovation…



  • 2nd theroy
    2 years ago

    is it a fan with a door or, a worker carrying a folding table down from the corporate hospitality after half time?

  • aaron de scealas
    2 years ago

    its not a door its a roof panal he beat down! he sat behind me