Manchester City fans have returned almost a third of their ticket allocation for Sunday’s clash against Arsenal at the Emirates, the Daily Mail reports.

City supporters have been outraged by the £62 asking price for an away ticket to see their side face the Gunners in the Premier League, and have returned 900 of their allocated 3000 tickets.

“Some fans are saying, ‘I’m not paying £62 whether I can afford it or not because I’ve got to draw a line somewhere’, while others can’t afford to pay £62,” said  Kevin Parker of the City Supporters’ Group.

Arsenal’s away tickets are currently the most expensive in England, with Chelsea, QPR, Tottenham, and Manchester City the next priciest at £59, £55, £54, and £51 respectively.

Just three years ago the Gunners away tickets were nearly half the price they are now, showing a drastic increase in a relatively short space of time.

Football Supporters’ Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke has also hit out, saying: “£62 is almost obscene. This is an industry with eye-watering amounts of money coming into the Premier League. It’s time fans got more benefits of that.

“You would expect Manchester City against Arsenal to be a guaranteed sell-out but if City are sending 900 tickets back then that speaks volumes.”

Those who are at the Emirates on Sunday will expect a good game as City aim to close the gap on leaders Manchester United, and Arsenal continue their push for a top four finish.


  • Paul N
    3 years ago

    And Manchester City don’t see their hand in this? You cannot pay players inflated wages and don’t think that everything else will go up. It is a slippery slope.

  • MC
    3 years ago

    This article does not explain Arsenal’s ticket price well enough.
    There are three different categories for opponent teams and City’s supporters should be proud of their team is in Category A because of rich owner spent so much money for them.

    Arsenal needs to get money to keep the club running and of course, ticket sales is one of most important revenue.

    City’s supporter should realize how lucky they are!

    Of course, there are so many Arsenal supporters who cannot affort match tickets all the time, but we have to accept it to keep the club.

  • tommyt
    3 years ago

    Sorry that we have to earn our money from “obscene” methods like ticket prices! lol Not all clubs get given money to buy trophies.