Phil Jones’ face is capable of a lot things; bringing joy to millions, making young children cry, inducing labour in pregnant women. But apparently ‘the face’ has met it’s match in the unlikeliest of places: Jack Rodwell. As Sunderland’s new signing rose above Antonio Valencia with ease, Jones called upon his secret weapon in a moment of desperation. But apparently pulling a ridiculous face has no power when confronted with a rising centre-mid.

Jones shouldn’t take the failure of ‘the face’ to heart. It still has a role to play in Louis van Gaal’s new-look United. However, it’s perhaps time for Jones to go home, set up that mirror, and put in the hard hours off the pitch to ensure his facial expression game gets back to it’s previous heights.

Phil Jones


  • Solz
    1 year ago

    Today match really showed that man united needs reinforcement in the midfield as well as in the defence . If I were the coach, I will ask W. Rooney to play as a central midfielder together with mata, and Ander Herara, Van Persie plays central attack, Angel Dimaria plays if at all Man U will sign him will play left wing forward, Valencia play Right wing forward, Rapheal plays right back, Marcos Rojo plays along with Jonny Evans or smalling, blacket or shaw plays left back. Thumbs up to Blacket today. Forever United