The Mirror.

The Premier League champions have been chasing the ex-Arsenal man all summer, and have seen multiple bids for his services knocked back by the Catalans.

But, despite this and the fact that Fabregas has said that he is keen to stay at the Nou Camp, United are ready to launch one last take-it-or-leave it offer.

David Moyes, who is yet to secure a major signing since taking over at Old Trafford, is willing to assign £40m of his budget to convincing Barca to allow their midfielder to move.

The Scot sees the Spaniard as the ideal man to inject further creativity into his engine room and support main striker Robin van Persie.

Although he is happy to stay with his boyhood club, Fabregas is said to be worried about his chances of regular first-team football.

The 26-year-old has struggled to dislodge either of Xavi and Andres Inesta in his preferred central midfield role, and may find it tough to occupy a more advanced position due to the presence of Pedro, Neymar and Lionel Messi.

United can guarantee him a spot in the starting XI, which may appeal to Fabrgas with the 2014 World Cup just around the corner.

Manchester United fans, can you really lure Cesc Fabregas to Old Trafford?

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  • Mohd Zaki
    2 years ago

    The chances is “ZIP”. Nuff said !

  • Aussiehopper
    2 years ago

    Yes there is a possibility it depends on Cesc of course , but 40million is not something
    that clubs can ignore thats serious money, especially after spending 50 million on Neymar,
    depending on who is coming through from their famed acadamy it will be interesting.
    no one can blame Cesc if he does move, there is no doubt he loves Barcelona, and always will
    but he knows at Manchester United he will be the teams main midfielder, and get all the game
    time he needs to put his hand up for the World Cup. i doubt very much he will get much flack
    from the Arsenal Faithfull either, due to Arsenals reluctance to match the Transfer fee.

  • paul cotton
    2 years ago

    United are deliberately wasting what remains of the transfer window on making bids for a player who is clearly not going to sign for us. This allows United to get to the end of the transfer window and then come out say that they did everything they could to sign Fabregas,,conveniently allowing them to side-step the issue of why they didn’t place bid for a player like Ozil who a: has admitted he wants to play for us , b: is a player who is available to sign and c: is (to my mind) , as good a player as Fabregas. So not sure why Moyes and witless Woodward continue to pursue players who aren’t available (unless they’re plain thick) or (more likely) because the transfer funds simply aren’t available to spend so Moyes is having to employ the same smoke and mirrors routine to try (unsuccessfully) to deceive the fans !
    The difference this season is that we no longer have a manager at the helm who is going to be as capable as Ferguson at churning out the results necessary to keep us at the top. Expect a massive backlash by the fans by Christmas, when we’re languishing behind Arsenal and Liverpool in the table

  • enoch davis
    2 years ago

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