Under-fire Manchester United boss David Moyes is growing increasingly concerned with the form of Robin van Persie, according to the Daily Mail.

Van Persie has been in and out of the United team this season, often struggling with injuries, while some of his teammates consider him to be unhappy at Old Trafford.

The striker is also a doubt for Saturday’s clash with West Brom, after being taken ill while on international duty with Holland.

Moyes has continued to defend the 30-year-old in public, and has denied there is any problem between the two.

However, reports suggest the United manager has privately expressed his concern about van Persie, and is wondering whether last season’s top scorer can be relied upon in the long term.

Moyes was not bothered about van Persie’s comments in the aftermath of the Champions League defeat to Olympiakos, where the Dutch forward claimed his teammates were often occupying spaces he wanted to be in.

However, the Scot is concerned about his overall form and body language when on the pitch.

The final decision on whether van Persie remains at the club and is the sort of player to build a team around will rest with Moyes, who will be closely monitoring his form between now and the end of the season.

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  • User Avatar
    Frank Law
    2 years ago

    Where did it all go wrong? Its a no brainer! United has just violated a very fundamental principle of human resource management. Take a look at my post on this issue last week and tell me that my predictions are not coming to pass; viz:

    “In truth RVP is just fed up, like the rest of the team! Now he sees the club pandering up to Rooney, whose contribution in the last season was patchy at best, giving him a new £300,000 per week contract. It appears that loyalty doesn’t pay for the players. Disloyalty instead, gets rewarded.

    This will all end in tears for United! The upheaval, disharmony and dissension in the dressing room will tear the team apart!

    Woodward and Moyes, be prepared for every player in the team, starting with RVP to knock on your doors asking for wage adjustments! If not, there’ll be plenty of sulking on the field with some players missing clear open goals! Some will even score own goals! I’ve seen it all before. Transfer targets will also be asking for £300,000 per week. Can United afford it? The club’s wage bill will go through the roof! This is the beginning of the end…”

    I’ve been defending Moyes for the past few months but his handling of Rooney is the straw that has broken the camel’s back, I have to concede! Sad, but this fundamental error in management will tear the team apart!

    Now instead of getting rid of one disruptive player, Rooney, United have to rebuild the team by replacing 6-8 players and we’ve seen what happens when teams do that. You only have to look at Spurs, QPR, Cardiff, et al to get a clue.

    Moyes now have no choice but to revert to the team and game plan that despatched of Bayer Leverkuson 5-0 in the Champions League, for that was United playing at their peak this season. If it means resting either RVP or Rooney, so be it!