Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata believes that the club’s mini training break in Dubai could help them to fulfil their ambitions between now and the end of the season.

With the Red Devils out of the FA Cup, they used their weekend off to travel to the Middle East for a mid-season break.

The short getaway has been far from a holiday, with the United squad training hard away from the glare of the English media as they look to get their ailing season back on track.

David Moyes’ men have endured a difficult start to the campaign, with their poor form having effectively ended any hopes of retaining their Premier League crown while leaving them a whopping 11 points adrift of fourth placed Liverpool – who have a superior goal difference.

Mata – recent arrival at Old Trafford – feels that their Dubai training camp has helped him to settle in and will boost the club’s chances of pushing for Champions League qualification:

“The club thought a few days of work far from Manchester would be good for us, in order to recharge our batteries with a view to the final stage of the season,” he is quoted by the Daily Star.

“We fly back to Manchester to get ready for our next game in the Premiership and we hope to start a good run of results.

“These kind of breaks always help to make the group even stronger and to switch off a bit from the different competitions and the tight schedule,” Mata said.

“Personally, these days are good for me to settle even more in the team and share these moments with my team-mates and also, obviously, to train hard and get used to the new working patterns after just three weeks in the club.”

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    Frank Law
    2 years ago

    Lies, damned lies and statistics! The way statistics were trotted out by the media to condemn United’s performance in the Fulham match is reflective of the reflexive hostility towards the serial winners and Moyes.

    In truth, that game was where United came closest to resembling the United of old where the opposing team set up to park the bus and United hammered them until they collapsed from sheer mental and physical fatigue! Playing the United of old was like playing the parlor game, Space Invaders where the opposing team find the tension rising with each attack with United relentless, inexorable and unstoppable like the “Space invaders”!

    If not for 2 lapses in concentration by Vidic (which he redeemed in the next game against Arsenal) the outcome would have been a near certain United victory. The final result could happen to any team. After all, Mourinho was moved to accuse West Ham of playing “19th Century Football” after Chelsea was thwarted. In that match Chelsea pelted the West Ham goal throughout the 90 minutes without success! Why were stats not trundled out to call Mourinho tactically naive?

    So I’d urge Moyes to revert to playing the system adopted for the Fulham match – its the United way as he’d asserted after the match! If there’s one thing Moyes should tweak, it is to vary the attacks instead of just relying on crosses. Moyes is too nice which is why he’s victimized by the media who behave like sharks sensing blood whenever there’s an adverse result. He should be strong enough to stuff the critics, like SAF used to do. Moyes should not hesitate to tell them precisely what he thinks of their nonsense without the need to be apologetic! I have no doubt then that the team will be discovering their best form after this break in Dubai.