SIX reasons why Man United should sign Di Maria

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Man United need di Maria


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    Ivan Andreson
    1 year ago

    I’ll give you six answers as to why Di Maria is one of the lastpayers United need.
    1. PRICE: he is at least thirty million overpriced
    2. CREATIVITY: he is number one in a league of three teams.
    3. GOALS: he needs at least five good chances to score one goal.
    4. BIG GAME MENTALITY: United will play better teams than Switzerland.
    5. MARQUEE SIGNING: pull the other one!
    6. KEEP AWAY FROM RIVALS: I hope he goes to pur biggest rivals, it will give us the advantage.
    All in all a rubbish article citing rubbish examples and trying to turn a very average payer into something he isn’t. With supporters like this United certainly don’t need any enemies. Taking advice from you guys would see United broke and in the Championship.

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    Imran Khan
    1 year ago

    Di Maria is not worth Real’s reported £40 plus million price. Yes Di Maria had a ok world cup for Argentina and scored a late winner against Switzerland, but in truth he was very poor in that game. I hope Louis van Gaal has already set his sights on luring Marco Reus to Old Trafford!