Alan Pardew is on borrowed time as Newcastle United manager, according to the club’s supporters’ group spokesman and fanzine editor Steve Wraith, reports the Daily Mirror.

Wraith claims Pardew believes it is ‘inevitable’ that he will lose his job, and newly appointed director of football Joe Kinnear will take over.

Newcastle put in arguably their worst performance of the season so far during the first half of Monday’s 3-2 defeat to Everton at Goodison Park, and Pardew reckons a third consecutive league defeat at home to Cardiff at the weekend could be enough to see him given the boot.

However Wraith has revealed that the majority of the fans feel a sacking would be unfair, after the way Pardew was undermined by the introduction of Kinnear in the summer.

“There is more support for Alan Pardew now than there was at the end of last season, when many wanted him out,” said Wraith.

“They feel he has been ­undermined and the Joe Kinnear situation has made it inevitable he will replace him as manager.

“I don’t think Pardew would argue with that assessment – and I am privy to certain conversations he has had with certain people.

“Pardew knows he’s on borrowed time and if results continue to go pear-shaped, there’s only one man who’s going to get his job.

“Kinnear approached Mick Harford in the summer to be his assistant – who ever heard of a director of football having an assistant?

“That was Joe’s way of telling us what is going to happen. It just seems inevitable and Pardew does not deserve to be treated like this.”


  • Simon Barker
    2 years ago

    Love him or hate him, he’s here to stay. They won’t pay off his contract for the remaining years and he won’t leave for the same reason. Sick of negative press around the club. Just get on with it.

  • Julian Mills
    2 years ago

    Well said Simon Barker. Fed up with some fans and websites allegedly supporting the club spreading gloom and doom. If its your team support it, no need for anything less. We have not won anything for Donkeys years so why get so despondent now ? Lets start showing the spirit that Toon fans are famous for. not this negative side.