Alan Pardew has looked to assure disgruntled Newcastle fans that the club will sign plenty of players this summer, according to the Express.

The Magpies boss has come under pressure in recent weeks, following his headutt on Hull City’s David Meyler which has coincided with an awful run of results.

Newcastle are on a run of four consecutive defeats without having scored, and some fans have started calling for Pardew to be sacked.

However, Pardew remains confident the club will make improvements in the summer.

“There is uncertainty among the fans about our intentions in the summer and perhaps I know a little bit more than them. I can feel a little bit more confident about it,” Pardew said.

“Some fans may fear we are not going to move forward but I think we will.

“We have got ourselves in a good position in terms of transfer preperation. We must make sure we strengthen well in the summer and we are not under any illusions about that. I’m not going to put a figure on how many are coming in but we are certainly going to be active.”


  • paul35mm
    2 years ago

    Pardew is, in many ways, the perfect manager for Newcastle. He is combative, passionate about his football, and knowledgeable. He is too old to be considered an “up and comer” or future star; so Newcastle are not likely to lose him to one of the big clubs at home or abroad, but he does well and for the most part, brings in players that help the club.

    His biggest problems relate to money. He doesn’t have the budget to overcome a poor signing or the loss of a key player on short notice (Yohann Cabaye anyone); so he will always be criticized by some component of supporters, but he showed two years ago he does have the managerial chops to get Newcastle into the top quarter of the league.

    If you look at recent history, you’ll see that if he’d been able to keep his team intact, he’d be winning. Losing Demba Ba to Chelsea (think Ba regrets the move?) and Cabaya to PSG (another idiot who picked the wrong asylum) was crippling. Loic Remy will be the next moron to leave his ideal club to sign for a big team that will use him as newspaper on the bottom of their puppy cage. Just in case the worst happens. Remy could have three to five good years leading the line at Newcastle making good money and becoming a club legend.

    Instead. he’ll either go to Besiktas, Shaktar or some other eastern European hell hole and get replaced after one season because he won’t score thirty goals… or, he’ll go to PSG, Monaco, or Juventus and play once a month in a league cup game when Cavani, Tevez, or Falcao need a break.

    The headbutt thing is a tempest in a teapot really. It was stupid to be sure, but no one was injured. I was glad to see mike Ashley did not over react and throw his entire club into turmoil of such a dumb thing.

  • User Avatar
    Micky Burns
    2 years ago

    In terms of league position he doesn’t deserve the sack. But because of how unprofessional he’s been with the swearing at Manuel Pellegrini and then head-butting David Meyler (even though it was just a tap and was blown out of proportion) he definitely is lucky to still have his job. And when we have been beaten this season, its normally been by 3 or 4 goals which makes things a whole lot harder to take. Personally, I dont think we will get these signings he is talking about but I blame Ashley more than Pardew and no matter what manager we have in charge, so long as Ashley is running the club the best we can hope for is mid table at best.