Southampton's Dani Osvaldo

Southampton striker Daniel Osvaldo has hinted that he could be ready to leave the Premier League already, just weeks after moving to England.

The Daily Star are reporting that the striker, who described his £15million transfer to Southampton as a “dream”, has suggested that the league’s physicality could drive him away from the Saints.

The 27-year-old said: “Football here is so physical, but it doesn’t have the technique and quality that is has in Spain. I’m already thinking about moving back to Argentina. I want to play for Boca, that’s my dream. I have been dreaming about wearing Boca’s shirt during my entire life.”

The former Roma forward has scored once in the Premier League, netting in the Saints’ 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace in September. But the striker isn’t planning to score many in England as he plots his departure from St Mary’s.

Osvaldo started his career in Argentina with Club Atlético Huracán, before moving to Serie A, where he eventually played for 5 different Italian clubs before his move to Southampton.

However, any move for Osvaldo will need Mauricio Pochettino’s permission, who tied the forward down to a 4-year-deal when Roma accepted the £15million offer in the summer.

The Italian could feature in his nation’s World Cup qualifiers against Denmark and Malta, with the Azzuri already qualified for the 2014 tournament.

Would Southampton fans be disappointed to see him leave so quickly? Have you been impressed with him since his move?

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  • Loren
    2 years ago

    You see this is what is wrong about the press, the Sunday People completely misquote a player to make a sensationalist story then everyone else starts reporting the misquote. The actual interview given by Osvaldo was to Telenoche, where he talked about how he was adapting to the style of English Football.

    What he actually said was, I quote “In England, football is much more physical than Italian and Spanish, and it is played with an impressive rhythm despite the fact that it is less technical than in Spain. What I like very much is the passion of the supporters, it is like they are crazy during the match but once it ends, everything is calm. They salute their team and go home without any problems, that’s fantastic”.

    With regards to the comment about his wanting to play in Argentina, what he said, was that he is loving his time in England but that he would relish the opportunity to return to Argentina at some point in the future and play for Boca Juniors (basically to finish his career there).

    So, he was not slating English football, he was not complaining about the physical aspect and he is not looking to leave already. But then, a player saying he is happy and what his dreams are for the future does not get people to read articles does it, hence the press changes what is said. I believe in a free press, but only when the press uses it responsibly by reporting the truth. If someone else lies or misquotes something said, that does not absolve you from the responsibility of being truthful in your reporting, else you are just perpetuating the lie.