Straw donkeys, bad sunburn and “dos cervecas por favor”. The sorry stereotype of the Brit abroad doesn’t generate many superlatives. However, a few brave men have attempted to break away from a footballing nation not known for its global integration, in order to succeed and change the perception of Brits on foreign soil. From Norway to Thailand from Iran to Peru, these ten players have had the most culturally diverse careers spanning thousands of miles across the globe. Some have played at the highest level of English football, choosing to end their successful careers in more exotic climates, where as some have been unable to find an interested suitor from their homeland and have resorted to playing in some of the lesser known leagues in the world in order to pay their way or enhance their reputation. Whatever the case, these players deserve credit for their bravery at adding some bizarre club names to their CV’s. These men are far from the David Beckham’s and Joe Cole’s of this world; renowned nationwide and representing the shirt of some of the finest teams on the continent.

These are the Brits who have taken a gamble at a completely unknown club, some with relative success, others not so much. Take a look at some of the more unorthodox careers of Brits abroad and see if you concur with this chosen TEN.

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