Tottenham would be a bad choice.

The 24-year-old has been strongly linked with a transfer to the Premier League in January following an array of dazzling performances both domestically and in the Champions League.

But, Eduardo, who was an Arsenal player for three year, believes that a move to Tottenham would not be a good one for the playmaker:

“There are three clubs who are big enough and good enough for Willian – Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea,” He is quoted by SkySports.

“I have recommended these clubs – no others. He needs to play at one of the best teams.

“Willian is a complete player now. He is ready to play for a big club and become a really big player.

“He should play at a top, top club because he is a class player. He can play in England, for sure.

“We always talk and watch Premier League games together.

“He asks me about England and the English game and I tell him little things.”

The Croatian striker also admitted that scoring against Chelsea in this week’s Champions League clash between the clubs would be a special feeling:

“I am a Shakhtar player and an Arsenal fan,

“I know if I score against Chelsea the Arsenal fans will be very pleased.”


  • EngNor
    3 years ago

    Ar5ena1, nothing to do with bias, Eduardo, you`re a complete nob.

  • Hard Ogura
    3 years ago

    These are kind of legends (players) that Arsenal Fans miss. Eduardo was a class apart. The goal machines have been there but Eduardo was a real machine. I definitely miss him too much and once he spots a player like Willian for Arsenal, Wenger should act immediately.

  • SKK
    3 years ago

    I don’t think Arsenal is bigger or better than Spurs this season. Eduardo seems to be out-dated and doesn’t familiar with EPL. He overlooked the defending champion Manchester City.

  • Yalla
    3 years ago

    Eduardo you are sick. How can you call Arsenal bigger than Spurs??

    Arsenal are no longer a top 4 team. They will struggle and perhaps end up mid table.