Tottenham Hotspur as likely suitors for the Spaniard.

The stiker has been linked with a move to England on numerous occasions leading up to the January transfer window, and his recent comments have only reaffirmed his likelihood of gracing the pitches of the Premier League.

Reports have also suggested that Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido visited England last week, linking the player with a number of teams including Spurs, Arsenal, Sunderland and Newcastle, according to Sky Sports.

“The Premier League is a great competition, I really like it and I think my style of football would be well suited to it,” said Negredo.

“There comes a time when a cycle comes to an end and I don’t know whether my time will be sooner or later. I haven’t thought about it a lot but I wouldn’t mind playing abroad.”

Negredo’s desire to play in England has been strengthened following conversations with Fernando Torres and Juan Mata about English football.

“I’ve spoken to the guys playing in England, mainly when we were together at Euro 2012,” said the player.

“I spoke to Mata and Torres and they say it is easier to go out and about in England as there is not as much scrutiny as in Spain. I like that.”


  • KennyM
    3 years ago

    Recycled news story at least 4 days old!…c’mon u must be able to do better then this….lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris Ioannou
      3 years ago

      Story might be ‘old,’ but the quotes were only reported by sky the night before. Plus you’ve commented on it the day after we published it, making the time you personally became aware of it on this site even older.

      Usually player transfers of this ilk last quite some time and produce numerous rounds of interviews, comments/quotes and specualtion. That’s just the way it is, apologies.