Even though he signed an 18-month contract to be Tottenham’s manager over the winter, there’s always been the feeling that Tim Sherwood was nothing more than an interim coach. Today Spurs slipped to defeat at West Ham in a result that angered many fans who saw it as the last straw. Although Sherwood’s record is not a bad one, with Frank de Boer a more illustrious name being lined up, his days look numbered. With that in mind, here are three reasons he must go.

Doesn’t know his best team

During his reign Sherwood has flitted between 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-2-4 and swapped players in and out as if he’s completing a Panini sticker album. Naturally this has upset the fans.



Tactically naïve

No defensive midfielder left Tottenham a little exposed to Andy Carroll’s unique skillset and has been a hallmark of Sherwood’s reign.






He’s a bit of a joke

From the gilet to the Adebayor salute, Sherwood hasn’t helped himself!




  • Shaw
    1 year ago

    i am worried, he knows something we don’t. No one could be as stupid in his quotes to the press; He has been quoted as saying he ‘will be a hard act to follow’ – ‘His spurs record is the best of recent managers’ How many games as he had? For me it is obvious he does not have a clue, he grumble about players – all in their first season- he plays layers out of position and our pattern of play, does not exist! He is a novice, all mouth and no substance. We have spent over a 100 million on players – lots of other clubs wanted and he says their rubbish and he wants to play youths while internationals – proper internationals sit on the bench. Go? he should never have been given the job! another season down the drain. AVB was a failure and never had a proper pattern of play – this idiot is out of his depth and by his utterances to the press, i am afraid he is delusional or just … maybe ,,,, he knows something we don’t! I do not care if his is a British Coach, look at liverpool, Everton and any other team who have plan and play attacking football. Then look at the managers we have had before and after Harry. Harry was not perfect but in his last season, even the idiot fans must recall, We Played FOOTBALL! /can we chose a manager with an identity and give the poor fool some time – no money – but time to put the players we bought – the same players all the experts said we great buys at the start of the season. When they made us top four favorites & possible title contenders – the same pundits who now call, the same players, a waste of money.
    And yes i am upset – with Sherwood, Levy and any fan who thinks we should allow this mouthy – clueless – Blackburn fugitive continue to do his current hatchet job on our club.

  • Zak
    1 year ago

    Too much emotion and not enough sense – lack of experience is obvious!!