In any industry, meeting a legend of your profession can be a special moment for anybody, particularly if you have always aspired to achieve what they have.

And Manchester United’s warm-weather trip to Dubai last week saw David Moyes’ players come face-to-face with none other than Diego Maradona.

The Argentina legend took some time out to have photos with the United players, with many of them going on to post pictures of themselves with the ‘Hand of God’ on their Instagram pages.

And it’s his picture with Old Trafford’s latest arrival, Juan Mata, that had to be the most interesting. What on earth could he be saying about the Spanish midfielder?

Our guess is that he’s asking Moyes why he payed so much for him if he has no intentions of playing him in his right position. And by the looks of it, Mata agrees with him…

The other photos that stood out from the meeting was Adnan Januzaj’s, who looks young enough to be Maradona’s great-grandchild, and Robin van Persie’s, who looks like he and Maradona already have a particularly ‘close’ relationship…


  • Peter
    2 years ago

    It has always amazed me that everybody gives this cheating druggy from Argentina any respect at all

  • constantine
    2 years ago

    another misleading title. well done mate. don’t know you can sleep at night