I don’t pretend to be a fashion icon, my idea of shopping for clothes is checking out the latest Sports Direct catalogue. But I do know when my eyes are offended, and this top ten of shocking Chelsea kits is full of jerseys that insult my ability to see.

Although at the time a number of these kits were considered to be rather cool, now that the years have passed ┬áby, their truly hilarious atrociousness is plain to see. You certainly wouldn’t see the likes of Frank Lampard or David Luis willingly turning out on a Saturday afternoon for a Premier League fixture wearing this type of get-up.

Some are 90′s shockers, others are 80′s fashion faux pas and a few are quite simply just terrible, no matter what era they were designed in.

So click on this dodgy yellow effort to check out the Top Ten most shocking Chelsea kits ever

Chelsea away kit 1996-1998



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