It felt like only yesterday we were treated to the deadline day news that David Goodwillie had joined Crystal Palace on loan, but with the end of January already upon us, it is of course that time of the year already.

Transfer deadline day is the one day of the year where anything is possible. It’s a day where the nation’s airspace is booked out by optimistic agents, where motorway service stations play temporary homes to Premier League footballers and where our retinas are scalded by Sky Sports’ patented ‘breaking news’ yellow.

Yet for as fun and brilliantly absurd the whole event seems to be, it’s also become relatively predictable in its events. So like the party-poopers we are, Football FanCast is here to give you the heads up with the TEN things to expect from tomorrow’s transfer deadline day.

Click on QPR owner Tony Fernandes to start the countdown!

 QPR owner Tony Fernandes



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