Football grounds – they are the cathedral of our worship, the mecca of our weekend pilgrimage and the raiders of our bank balances. They are the structures which let us cram in up to the rafters and support our team.  Or at least they should be, anyway.

Because for some, the weekend ritual of going to watch their side play, isn’t quite a showcase of support anymore. Oh no. For some, a trip to the stadium has become akin to a night at the cinema, a touristy sojourn and a chance to take a bunch of photos to showcase at middle class wine parties.

This is the Premier League in the 21st century, where noise is an endangered species and it’s treated by fans with all the care of a disgruntled theatre goer.

So flick through, breathe it in and admire the objectivity of the ten quietest grounds in the Premier League.

Click on Wigan’s DW Stadium to see the full list

Wigan Athletic's ground the DW Stadium

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