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Griffin Park

Key information about Griffin Park

Griffin Park is, at least for the time being until a new stadium is built, still the home of Brentford FC and has been since it was built in 1904. The ground itself is located in London Borough of Hounslow in Greater London and is famously known for conveniently having a pub on each corner.

The capacity stands at 12,763, which is set to be eclipsed by the new stadium, and the ground’s size is 101m x 67m. The pitch is, of course, not surrounded by a running track and has four stands towering over the field.

It’s highest ever attendance was recorded in 1949 when 38,678 supporters came to watch the game against Leicester City in the FA Cup.

A history of Griffin Park

It’s quite interesting to note that between their inception back in 1889 and the opening of Griffin Park in 1904, Brentford played at five different grounds: Clifden Road, Benns Field, Shotters Field, Cross Road and Boston Park Cricket Ground. Still, in early 1904, after securing a 21-year lease at a peppercorn rent on an orchard along the Ealing Road, work began on building a new and improved stadium – envisioned to have a 20,000 capacity that could even double over time – under the watchful eye of architects Parr & Kates.

Initially, there were three dressing rooms designed at the ground, a number of offices and a recreation room with the stadium getting its name after a nearby pub called The Griffin, which was, interestingly enough, also used as a dressing room as well as accommodation.

The first competitive game to be played at Griffin Park was a Western League clash against Plymouth Argyle on 1 September 1904 while the official first-team fixture was actually a Southern League First Division match two days after that, on 3 September 1904, which ended in a goalless draw between the hosts and West Ham United.

Of course, there have been multiple refurbishments at Griffin Park over the years such as a new grandstand being installed in the 1926/27 season, the concrete terracing added in 1930, increased capacity with the upgrade of the old stands and the addition of further new ones, all of which was mostly done by the time mid ‘30s arrived.

Then there was a break until the 1980s and after that, they also built flats, parking areas while in the meantime, club offices and a club room were erected as well. In 1986, the Brook Road ‘kop’ was demolished and eventually replaced by a two-tiered stand which is best-known among the fans as ‘Wendy House’.

In 2006, the pitch was moved a few metres to the west and in 2007, they finally added a roof to the Ealing Road terrace. Once Brentford got promoted into the Championship, various improvements and changes were once again made to Griffin Park, including but not limited to resurfacing of access areas, extra CCTV, new signage, new heated seats in the dugouts and AstroTurf installed in the pitch-side run-off areas.

The 2019/20 season, however, will be the team’s last at the stadium as they finally move to the new and improved Community Stadium, located next to Kew Bridge station, less than a mile away from Griffin Park, with a capacity of 17,250.

Tickets to watch Brentford FC at Griffin Park

All the tickets to watch Brentford FC play can be found on the club’s official website. However, it seems that we’re now witnessing the team’s final moments at Griffin Park since, even though the recent outbreak halted the development of the new stadium, it should be ready sooner rather than later as the team go into the 2020/21 campaign.

The ticket prices range from £12 – £30 depending on the matchday, age group of the buyer, the location in the stands and the time of purchase. Of course, they also offer season tickets which can be bought for £379 adults, £269 seniors, £229 young persons and only £90 or £49 for juniors.

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