Former Chelsea ace involved in bizarre yellow card

It would take a lot for your eyes to be taken off the hotly contested game currently going on at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Arsenal, however, the current goings on in Bundesliga will have done just that.

VfL Wolfsburg are currently playing FC Augsburg and former Chelsea midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has just taken a football boot to the ol’ crown jewels – yep, you’ve read that right.

Whilst attempting to take a throw-in for Wolfsburg, Augsburg’s No.13 is off the pitch trying to get his football boot on. Clearly incensed that he hasn’t been given the time to fit his footwear properly, the player bursts back onto the field, directly in front of De Bruyne and flicks, yes flicks, his loose football boot at the midfielder’s groin.

The best part about the whole thing is Kevin’s intial reaction of: “Wait! What? That actually just happened?