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Is Eden Hazard Chelsea’s messiah!

First it was computers breaking, and now this! Eden Hazard with a terrible miss from 12 yards. Jose must have been fearing the worst.

Settle the nerves, get an early lead and calm everyone and exorcise the ghosts of the past week. That was the job tasked to Hazard. But no. He skied it. Someone in the second tier who was staring intently at the net, waiting for it to bulge, was perhaps struck in the face.

It was the perfect metaphor for their season so far – Chelsea fans expected so much more, and instead they have to live with the hurt.

Then up stepped Willian, like a phoenix from the flames, his whipped free-kick touched no-one and bounced beyond the despairing goalkeeper and struck the back of the net. And the mood lifted. That goal did everything Hazard’s penalty should have done, and pulled Chelsea out of the flames.

Now Chelsea are one rung up on the ladder. From rock bottom, they are now celebrating a fortunate goal against European minnows – a step in the right direction?

Hazard’s penalty may still be rising, but that might just be the trajectory of Chelsea’s season. The penalty was rock bottom and things can only get better. Maybe he didn’t mess up. Maybe he meant it as visual motivation for his teammates. Is Eden Hazard a prophet predicting Chelsea’s rise from the flames, or is he just a very naughty boy? Answers on a postcard.

Article title: Is Eden Hazard Chelsea’s messiah!

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