Sky Sports just couldn’t resist trolling Arsenal

It’s been an awful night so far for Arsenal fans. First of all, they saw Mikel Arteta in the starting lineup. Then they went behind. And Olivier Giroud has been sent off now, too. It’s just gone from bad to worse.

And if you’re an Arsenal fan who paid for your Sky subscription only to see BT Sport swoop in and take over the Champions League rights, you’ll be fuming. Not only do you have to miss the game, but you have to follow it with the Soccer Saturday crew. And tonight they just couldn’t resist trolling you!

Zagreb’s goal, given as an own goal from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain,  has clearly confused someone at Sky Sports News HQ. Not once but twice did they proclaim that Arsenal were the ones who had opened the scoring, correcting themselves before repeating their mistake!

Not only did they give you false hope only to take it away again, twice. But they also neglected to tell you that Chamberlain did indeed score – just not in the right end! How did you feel when you actually found out, Arsenal fans?

Time to cancel that sky subscription?