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A Sheffield Wednesday Poem For Home

It’s been properly hectic in South Africa at the minute, like England it’s transfer silly season and me and the rest of the Soccer-Laduma guys are trying our best to keep on top of every little happening that goes on in the country.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying to keep one eye on the blue and white wizards back in sunny Sheffield as my excitement ahead of the new season continues to build. I must admit, I’m very intrigued to see how our new Slovenian international, Nejc Pecnik, does and, in accordance with my last blog, I’ve already got a song for him.

“For every fan that ever there was,
Will gather here at Hillsborough because,
Today’s the day, a goal will be scored by Pecnik.”

Hmm, I’m sure you guys can do better.

Anyhoo, another interesting link to the Owls this week was QPR’s resident nutcase, Joey Barton. I’m not going to lie, despite his discrepancies I do rate him as a footballer and I think someone with his battling abilities would work wonders in the Championship, however, you have to be careful that a loose cannon like that doesn’t scupper things for everyone else. Meanwhile, there’s also talk of another QPR player, Danny Gabbidon, it might work, it might not.

Well, for your reading pleasure today, after last weeks dismal attempts at song writing, this week I’ve gone for a more poetic approach. I think that I’ve managed to squeeze everyone in and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t quite proud of myself. You however, might think otherwise. If you’ve got any extra verses, let me know.

A Sheffield Wednesday Poem From Home:

Here is a poem,

That I bring to you,

About the boys who do play,

In the white and the blue.

We just promoted,

From the League that is One,

Now the Championship,

Is out there to be won.

We know there’s a slim chance,

That the Premiership beckons,

We’ve just signed Amado,

With a right boot like Beckham’s.

We’ve signed Kirkland in goal,

Gardner for our defence,

Kieran Lee and Maguire,

Will sure add to our strengths.

So we’ll follow the Reda,

Beevers they will not lick,

And our season will be happy,

Just like a family Pecnik.

Joey Mattock has come in,

Added to our back four,

And I’m sure goal machine Gary,

Will continue to score.

Weaver, Buxton and Bennett,

Who’ll be picked by Dave Jones?

One thing we all know though,

They’ll never pass Semedo.

Chris Lines, David Prutton,

Have the b*llocks we know,

JJ running the wing,

Crossing to Ryan Lowe.

And we wont play United,

Cause’ they’re a division below,

But we don’t really care much,

We’re above them you know.

Llera, woah oh,

Jones’, Rob, Dan and Mike,

Cecil Nyoni, Giles Coke,

I think we will do alright.

Then there’s Bywater, Jameson,

And also Sean Cuff,

They’re our substitute goalies,

Though being benched is quite tough.

Ayo Obileye, the defender,

He has quite a name,

Maybe Reynolds and O’Grady,

This season will shoot to fame.

So we start out at Derby,

On August 18th,

I’ll be listening in Cape Town,

The neighbours will hear my screams.

Whether in blue and white,

Or in that new shirt that’s yellow,

Let’s get behind Wednesday,

From your stomachs do bellow.

We’ll keep singing the Blues,

And bounce like we’re not Blades,

And my Capetonian girlfriend,

I will serenade.

So we’ve made a few signings,

Here’s hoping for more,

Maybe old Joey Barton,

Could come to the fore.

Well, we’re Wednesday, we’re barmy,

We hope we’ll be right,

But despite all of our optimism,

We’ll probably do shite…

Can We Kick It? @YesWeCrann

Article title: A Sheffield Wednesday Poem For Home

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