All hail the king… Aston Villa boss gets deserved reaction

Tim Sherwood may be a bit of a joke. Banter, that ‘salute’, the gilet, his ‘geezer’ persona, there are plenty of rocks in line to be thrown at the now Aston Villa manager. Despite being a promising, young English coach, ‘Tactics Tim’ is often an object of ridicule and gets dismissed out of had when the talk of the best bosses does the rounds.

However, we must all take a minute to appreciate Sherwood this morning, as yesterday his Villains side overcame the odds to smash Liverpool out of the FA Cup at Wembley and deliver a Final appearance against Arsenal. Villa fans really do deserve something to cheer about after a miserable few years, and within a matter of weeks their new manager has delivered just that. So credit to him… and here are some of the best reactions on Twitter.

And it wouldn’t be complete without ‘ratio’ talk… Oh, Tim!

Aaaaaaand finally…