Shock, Horror – Aston Villa keeper is actually a professional footballer

Aston Villa goalkeeper made one of the more horrific errors you’re likely to see in the Premier League against Manchester City.

It was the type of mistake that if made by the keeper in your Sunday League team would make you turn your head away – face distorted in grimace – and remind yourself that the only good thing about being on this cold, wet pitch in January is that your are not him.

The ball was rolled back to Guzan at a speed of 6-7 m/hr with Guzan under little to no pressure – At this point, a sympathetic man would say the ball was bobbling, but it wasn’t. This is the Premier League. This is at the Etihad. It’s Manchester City; believe me, their pitch is flat – and the keeper , for whatever reason, rushed his ‘kick’, slicing the ball into the incredibly fortunate Sergio Aguero for the Argentine to gratefully tap into an open net.

Here are some of the best reactions to Guzan’s mistake:

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