Can Leeds Fans Finally Dare To Dream?

The last week has seen significant developments in the seemingly never ending takeover saga at Elland Road, with Ken Bates even going as far as to shed some light on the situation personally.

Bates claims that talks are at an advanced stage and mentioned how both he and the potential buyers (or investors, as he likes to call them) are looking to conclude matters as quickly as possible.

With Neil Warnock stating that he hoped to have some good news to tell the fans in the next few days, we can now only hope that this long drawn our process might finally be coming to an end, and with that in mind, it could well be time to finally raise our hopes over what the current season could result in.

Don’t get me wrong, Warnock has done a good job so far on the now obligatory shoe string budget that comes with being the manager of Leeds and we are in a good position to progress, but we can only take full advantage of that if the takeover is completed well before the January transfer window.

Most managers are now looking at emergency loan signings and Warnock will be no different, but the completion of the takeover would make a massive difference to the quality of player that we will see brought into the club.

If we were to secure the financial clout required to seriously make a go of this season in the next few days then Leeds fans can surely expect an influx of players on loan deals that become permanent in January.

The first team are a good team, they battle hard and look difficult to break down, but they really are short of that extra quality that would give them the upper hand against most of the major players in the division. If Warnock gets the green light to bring in the quality required then we really could be looking at Leeds being the team to beat in the division. We’d have the manager, the fans and the players to really take the game to any team we come up against and there would be few out there looking forward to their game against us.

This is of course all hypothetical, the takeover could drag on and we could still be discussing it after the January transfer window has slammed shut, but anyone that has been following the progress of this takeover can sense a change in the air. If it is true that Bates has been told he can stay on as a consultant for the time being, that has surely got to be an option worth taking if the result is funds being released to the manager. Ken would have no say over the running of the club, though I’m sure he’d do his upmost to take the credit for any glory that came our way.

Whatever happens, Leeds seem to be moving in the right direction at last. The members of GFH Capital that were at the game against Nottingham Forest and Everton games, maybe as more than just guests.

If you’ve had champagne on hold ready for the ‘takeover completed’ announcement, it might be time to wipe the dust off and get the glasses ready.

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