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Can This Still Be A Successful Season At Leeds United?

Leeds manager Neil Warnock

On the morning of the takeover, around half an hour before it was announced, I wrote an article explaining how I believed GFH Capital and Ken Bates had effectively managed to throw our season away. At that point we were floundering near the bottom of the league and the season looked well and truly beyond us.

Of course, as soon as the takeover was announced as completed all that was forgotten, we had something positive to look forward to and the arrival of Alan Tate and Jerome Thomas on an emergency loan seemed to be enough to change things. We outplayed Crystal Palace, who were the form team at the time, before going on a nice little run of results.

Throughout all of this, we knew that January was only around the corner, and if we could just stay in the play off mix then we’d be in the perfect position to bring in players of real quality and make a second half of the season push towards promotion. Christmas came, we were up there, we’d made it to January.

What we didn’t expect however, was to completely capitulate in the few weeks that followed. Performances got worse, confidence dropped, and the honeymoon period for GFH Capital ended abruptly.

One thing I’ve always found with us as fans is that despite craving the success of years gone by, we’re realistic in what we expect. If we’re up against a quality team, we know not to expect miracles. The same goes with playing teams that are struggling, teams such as Barnsley.

No disrespect to Barnsley, as they more than deserved their win yesterday, but prior to us arriving they’d practically forgotten how to win at home. They were bottom of the league, managerless, and completely out of form.

I’m tired of hearing Neil Warnocks excuses. It’s Becchio’s fault, his head’s been turned. It’s the referees fault for not sending someone off. That’s football Neil! You’ve been around the game long enough to know how all this works. If Becchio didn’t have his head on the game, why not take him off and let Ross McCormack, our top scorer last season, have a go up front rather than in a position that wastes his goalscoring talents?

I noticed on his ‘NO EXCUSES’ article on the official site (which is littered with excuses) Warnock claims our midfield didn’t peform well and were non-existant.

Of course they were Neil, they spent the entire game watching the ball fly over their heads. We brought in Tonge on a permanent transfer and Ross Barkley on a loan, two creative, goal scoring midfielders who love to pass it around and chose to bypass them completely and hope that a long ball to Becchio would somehow split open the entire Barnsley defence.

But regardless of Warnocks bad tactics and excuses, he is not entirely to blame for the joke that our season has become. The long drawn out takeover saga put us five furlongs behind everyone else at the start of the race. Considering negotiations began in the summer, well before pre season, it was ridiculous to see them completed some 6 months later.

I’m in no doubt that Ken made things as difficult as possible for GFH-C, but at no point did they come out to explain anything to us. I remember David Haigh tweeting ‘Working hard’ about fifteen times a day, which explained nothing. I mentioned at the time that the hard work hadn’t even begun, and so it has proved.

To conclude, this season is nothing short of a shambles. GFH and Bates got us off to the worst possible start, and Neil Warnock is currently applying the finishing touches. Forget promotion, this season is done, and if Salem Patel and David Haigh think that tweeting ‘MOT’ or bowing down to fans demands for retweets of pictures of their pets in Leeds shirts is going to be enough to re-engage the fan base then they seriously need to reconsider their strategy.

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Article title: Can This Still Be A Successful Season At Leeds United?

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