Could The Sleeping Giant Of Nottingham Forest Finally Be Awoken?

After months of undying speculation, it appears as if the Nottingham Forest takeover saga, may be coming to an end.

Fawaz Al-Hasawi, Abdulazis and Omar Al-Hasawi are the individuals ready to take full control of the club. Varying dates have been set for the final completion, from many differing reports.

So many questions, so little time. How wealthy are they? Why choose Forest? What are their plans?

If Fawaz Al-Hasawi thinks he’s being bombarded with tweets at the moment, he’s got a shock ahead.

One of the main questions being asked now, is whether Steve Cotterill will remain as manager, with bundles of money allegedly available. With a reputation of carrying clubs when they’re at their worst, this current season could prove a vital one, if he were to remain in charge, to prove whether he can handle pressure when supporters are looking to be in the top half.

He’s accustomed to talking about winning at all costs, regardless of how. If hoofball was even a small option, it should be explored.

Can the man known as a Firefighter become the Cruise Line entertainer? But this time, he’d be on a perfectly stable ship, with the impetus on playing good football, and winning in style.

Currently many fans have him down as the clown at the circus – something he would have to amend, and fast. Money brings expectation, and after the poor start of last season, the Forest contingent are aware of the impact a stuttering start can have. If he didn’t start well, pressure would mount, and it could lead to an early chop.

The majority of the Forest faithful, it seems, believe with a new owner, must come a new manager, and who could blame them?

Whatever new owners may state, Steve Cotterill is not their man. This factor will always be rumbling on, in the background, as much as it would probably be denied. Cotterill would have money available, allowing him to build his own squad,  costing millions if Forest got off to a terrible start.

Another manager would have to arrive, wanting to build his own squad. Millions wasted, and Forest already making themselves a laughing stock.

Exciting times seem to be upon us at the City Ground, but with many fans remaining stubborn, and reluctant to purchase a season ticket with Cotterill in charge, it may be a wise decision, for the financial benefits, and additionally, the footballing benefits, if the current Forest manager were to be relieved of his duties.

Nottingham Forest don’t have time to be handing managers opportunities because they would feel sorry for him otherwise. Ruthlessness is the name of the game, and the new owners need to show it immediately.

Going to the City Ground last season, to some, became a chore. Uninspiring football, and patience-testing excuses, from Steve Cotterill. A fresh change would give these customers a new lease of life, and gradually, week by week, the love being pumped back into Forest by the fans, would become visible.

The younger generation of fans have never seen Forest achieve. Watching them week after week, year after year, either losing out in the playoffs, or escaping relegation, they’ve been on a rollercoaster ride that fans of other clubs could only dream about.

The older generation have had that taste of success, and they want it again.

They’ve been waiting a long time for the giant they once knew, to awake from their coma.

Now could be that time. Strap yourselves in, because it’s sure to be a very bumpy ride.

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