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Fans Can’t Write Off Coventry City Just Yet and Here’s Why

A new season of the EFL Championship presents new opportunities for either promotion and happiness or relegation and heartbreak. Coming off the back of Fulham’s fall from grace back into the Championship and Brentford’s overdue return to top-flight football, everyone’s wondering what the story of the 2021/2022 campaign will be. Will there be late drama? Will the promoted teams win by a landslide?

Betting on the Premier League is one thing, but as teams spend more money on superstars, it almost becomes a given with regards to which teams will perform well. There hasn’t been an underdog story since Leicester’s run in the 2015/2016 season. The Championship draws its fair share of drama, as the seasons often pair with intense promotion and relegation battles, and showcase players whose previously unheard of or underappreciated talent shocks the nation.

This year, the Championship betting currently has Fulham and West Brom with odds of 8/13 and 4/6, respectively, to be promoted. However, bettors can’t ignore the start teams like Coventry City have had so far in this campaign. The 2021/22 Championship betting tips promisingly have Coventry priced at 12/5 for a top-six finish.

The Perfect Start

When the failed Super League was announced, football fans were enraged. Not only was it a money-grabber, but the entire premise would have removed a crucial element of the game that fans love: the romance.

There’s something special about underdog stories, which is probably why the nation came together after Brentford’s shock win against Arsenal in August; as the Championship season kicks off, it looks like we could potentially have another underdog story on our hands.

Coventry City, notorious for being slow in previous campaigns, has started the 2021/2022 season better than expected, with four wins out of their first six games. Of course, it’s still early, and the run may not last. However, it’s evident the Sky Blues underdogs have clicked this season as established players like Jamie Allen and their summer signings such as Todd Kane and Simon Moore are all contributing.

New Players Making A Mark

Moore, especially, could prove vital to the success of Coventry City this season. After moving from Sheffield United, the 31-year-old goalkeeper has impressed City fans with his performances, particularly after his heroics in his sides’ 2-0 win against Middlesborough on September 11th. Moore was commanding in goal and pulled off an unbelievable triple save that earned him a spot in the EFL Championship Team of the Week.

There’s no doubt Moore has played a massive role in Coventry’s encouraging start to the season. Having a goalkeeper that’s both commanding and focused is crucial, especially when facing strikers like Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic, who has odds of 2/1 to be the top goalscorer this season.

There will always be favourites amongst bettors and the 2021/2022 Championship season is no different. Justifiably, eyes are on Fulham and West Brom, two teams who were in the Premier League in the 2020/2021 season. As we saw with Norwich’s return this year, the teams that go down are often the ones that bounce back up. However, the Championship season has demonstrated that nothing is a guarantee and based on Coventry’s performance so far, there are more reasons to fear them than belittle them.