Coventry simply lacking quality not passion

With all that’s gone on this season so far both on and off the pitch there is every reason for Coventry fans to be a bit down. Uncertainty still remains over the future funding of the club, takeover talks as I understand are still ongoing but are not any closer to reaching a deal and at some point surely SISU will run out of money or just choose to stop funding the clubs losses and then what?

There is also the issue of whether or not we will still be a championship club come the end of the season as we enter the final stages of a nail biting relegation fight. However one thing we as Coventry fans can be proud of is that we have a squad of players who are willing to fight for our cause. The squad at times has lacked experience and quality but exuberant youngsters have come in this season and for me have done an unbelievable job and I for one am very proud of them and will be no matter how this season ends.

There has been some real passion, heart and commitment shown from the majority if not the whole squad and they seem like a real team, a bunch of lads that are willing to fight for each other until the end. I think we can see this on the pitch but as a member of twitter it becomes even more obvious that the lads are not just teammates they are friends and that is brilliant to see especially in modern day football when it seems to be mainly all about the money. I think the manager Andy Thorn has had a huge part to play in this as he seems to have given the players a bit of freedom on and off the pitch at times when the players probably needed it as pressure increased on individuals to perform. I think that this has clearly paid dividends in light of our recent upturn in form to bring us right back into the mix when at 8 points adrift we were looking certain to go down.

Other factors have clearly played there part however such as the loan signings of Alex Nimley and Oliver Norwood who have both been outstanding since they have been here. Both seem to have been welcomed into the squad well and seem to be just one of the lads which is great to see. Both have shown that bit of premier league class at vital times when we have needed it and are working just as hard if not harder than our own players. I think one of the lads though deserves special mention after his return from injury and that is Jordan Clarke.

He publicly stated that he had lost confidence in his own ability and we all know how important confidence is in football, sometimes even more so than actual ability. On his return he was thrown in at the deep end and did struggle, had to play a couple of games out of position at left back and again struggled but what a response from the lad in the last few games. He has reverted to his preferred right back position and for me has been the best player on the pitch in the last couple of games, always seems to get a foot in, getting his composure back and getting forward well. For him to get himself in the team ahead of Cyrus Christie who has been fantastic is just brilliant and fair play to the lad for sticking with it, long may his good form continue. The rest of this season is all going to be about the fans getting behind the team from now until the end of the season and hoping and praying that we can stay up and actually have something to celebrate at the end of the season. If we were to stay up with this squad, manager and the lack of financial backing from the owners, it would be the greatest achievement this club will have had for a while. There is no doubting we have one of the weakest squads in terms of quality, probably the most inexperienced manager and one of the lowest budgets in the league and for them reasons we should be really proud of the lads who have given their all for this club this season and long may that continue.