Derby County players share some banter on Twitter after PES is released

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Pepsi vs Coke, club vs country and Apple vs Android, these are all debates that divide opinion.

However, some of these types of arguments are much more one-sided, and in the footballing world the best example of that is FIFA vs PES.

Pro Evolution Soccer used to be a phenomenal game, but with EA Sports’ title adding elements such as Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs, FIFA has become the premier footballing video game.

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However, there are still some people who are loyal to PES, and on Friday we saw a rare bit of Pro Evo related banter on Twitter.

Indeed, two Derby County (or Derbyshire as they’re known on the game) stars were mugging each other off over the new release.

Some fans weren’t impressed by the fact their players were on PES rather than FIFA, and it has to be said that seeing this type of conversation about the Konami title is strange to see.

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