Jayden Bogle target of banter after Championship rivals reply to Instagram snap

Instagram is a funny place. Professional football players use it to show off their fancy new cars, clothes and other holiday and personal life adventures.

Sometimes, they do end up posting serious business and football-related content but those are pretty much a rarity. Jayden Bogle used his social media account to post a fancy new Instagram snap, but it ended up making him a prime target for banter from his Championship rivals and friends.

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Even though most of the comments were complimenting his fashion choices, the likes of Kasey Palmer and Fikayo Tomori, Bogle’s teammate at Derby last season, were quick to throw banter his way.

Palmer even asked for a discount but how much of it was actually serious and how much was in fact banter we’ll probably never know. Judging by the rest of the comments and the series of emojis all of them used, the latter seems more probable.

Still, some were not hiding the laughter and went straight for the head with the jokes.