Watch: Aston Villa v Derby – Too much at stake to be entertaining?

It’s been dubbed the ‘£160m game’ and Aston Villa and Derby will be all too aware of what the future could hold should either side fail to prevail in Monday’s Championship play-off final.

Bolton became the latest casualty on a long list of clubs battling financial hardship this season, yet it feels like only yesterday they finished 5th in the Premier League, 3 points off a Champions League spot.

Every season spent outside of the top-flight threatens both club’s commercial prospects, their chances of keeping their best talent and even whether or not they can peak the interest of a new generation of fans.

The question is – and with five of the last six Championship play-off finals being decided by a single goal – does that reality impact the quality of football on the pitch?

In the latest Two-Footed Talk, the Pl>ymaker FC squad discuss whether the play-off final can ever truly be a footballing spectacle with so much at steak?