End Of Bates Era Brings Leeds Back To Life

With Leeds United’s takeover seemingly imminent, it has been refreshing to see the fans with renewed optimism and belief.

Who knows, by the time you read this we might already have new owners, but what does that mean for Leeds?

Financially, will we have the backing to make the club a name in Europe once again?

We have been told to “dare to dream’” by the chairman of the supporters trust, so we shall.

Amongst all the dreaming, we have to make sure we don’t lose focus on what this really means. When the takeover goes through, Ken Bates will be gone. There’ll be no more lies, no more court cases and our name wont be dragged through the mud time and time again. If the group that takes over Leeds has the clubs best interests at heart with the financial clout to make a real difference to our fortunes, the sky really is our limit.

Oddly, amongst some fans it appears that the faith in Neil Warnock has faded a little.

Whilst I can understand that the end to last season wasn’t exactly one to fill us with much hope, you have to question how much motivation any manager could get out of a team with nothing to play for. Even though some of the players were playing for their futures it was quite clear that Warnock was looking for something of an overhaul of his playing squad.

Throw in how the key players, Snodgrass being the most obvious, faced the prospect of another summer of the usual lies/excuses that are reeled out to justify a lack of ambition, it is a little easier to understand how finding motivation may have been a little harder than normal.

However, I’m confident that Warnock is exactly the right man to get Leeds promoted. His record speaks for itself, he’s a promotion specialist who knows the type of player needed to get out of this division.

As fans, we need to make sure that if we do indeed get taken over by a group with money to throw around that we keep faith with the players that Warnock chooses to bring in. By that, I mean that if you’re expecting Buffon and we sign Paddy Kenny, try not to be too underwhelmed.

In all seriousness, we do deserve the good times that seem almost inevitable now, but as the great prophet Ali G once said, we also need to ‘keep it real’.

The last thing we need is to get ideas above our limits, we’d all love to see Leeds back in the Champions League in 2 years, winning trophy after trophy, but before we even get into the Premier League we’ve got a long hard season ahead and promotion is by no means a given. Confidence is key, but making sure we don’t get over confident is too.

The odds on Leeds getting promoted have steadily fallen since talk of a takeover began, as I write this we are currently second favourite to win the league, despite only signing 3 players. I’d imagine in the next few weeks, that might well change again.

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to dreaming of a return to the glory days!

On on on.