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Here’s hoping Leicester can retain his services

Football FanCast columnist Adam Daley hopes that Leicester will be
able to keep hold of Matt Fryatt

Fryatt's two goals against Watford makes it eight
goals in ten games for Leicester's golden boy. He's wasted no time in proving
that his goal scoring talents exceed beyond the level of League One, and are
actually just as relevant in the Championship too. In a way however it is also
a bit of a shot in the foot for Leicester as the more goals he scores, the
harder it will become to keep hold of him come January. As the unfortunate
trend seems to go: if a lower league striker shows potential and goal scoring
talents then it is usually just a matter of time before a bigger or higher
league team comes along and snaps him up. For Leicester this is likely to come
in the face of a lower Premier League team taking a punt on him to score a few
goals for them. The chances are that Fryatt will be interested, as a higher
salary and the view from a Premier League bench tend to be enough to persuade
top Championship players to the lower ends of the Premier League. For Leicester
however this may not necessarily be the end of the world.

It might just well be that Leicester already have a
replacement for Fryatt settling in at the moment. Though he's certainly not
ready to take on Fryatt's reins yet, Danny N'Guessan is slowly and quietly
making progress as a successor. The 23 year old Frenchman, who moved from
Lincoln at the start of the season, has notched a modest three goals so far
this season proving, even if only a little, that his talents stretch beyond
League Two. When you consider that this is his first season in the
Championship, then that isn't actually a bad start. Also considering that
Fryatt only scored 10 goals in his first two seasons with Leicester, and he was
around a similar age to N'Guessan, it shows that there is certainly hope yet
for the young Frenchman. Although he's played largely on the right of midfield
so far this season, he is more than capable as playing as a striker and has
already shown sparks of a decent finishing ability. If Leicester manage to keep
hold of Fryatt until the end of the season then that will have given him a whole
season to find his feet without any particular goalscoring burden. From here he
will be presented with a fresh season and a valued striker role, and could well
take on this responsibility just as well as Fryatt did a year back. If all goes
to plan then Leicester could well have an asset goalscorer and perfect
replacement for Fryatt on their hands.

Of course if things don't work out for N'Guessan then
there are still other in-club avenues to go down. New signing Paul Gallagher
for example has already shown that he has a fair amount of talent as a forward.
He's spend years bouncing between obscurity and has finally found a home to
settle in. From what he's shown so far, given time, he could not only act as a
perfect aid to a main striker, but could potentially become a main striker
himself. In particular he's shown a fair amount of tenacity in the games he's
played in so far. This was revealed largely in the Peterborough game, where for
periods he was Leicester's most threatening man. If Fryatt can carry the
goalscoring burden for long enough for Gallagher to settle in, then he could
well end up being Fryatt's worthy replacement.

Even if Gallagher and N'Guessan don't work out,
Leicester still might have an ace in the hole. This could come in the form of
reasonably unknown striker Yann Kermorgant. This 27 year old Frenchman signed
at the beginning of the season after impressing during a trail. Though he's
unknown in England, Kermorgant has built up something of reputation in France.
A simple search on youtube for example will reveal numerous fan video
compositions. He came to Leicester unfit after recovering from an injury, and
so once he's got his fitness back and is given a run-out in the first team, who
knows what kind of impact he could make. He's already got comprehensive
experience of scoring in France's top league, and so could well turn out to be
an asset in the Championship.

Obviously it would be terrific if Fryatt decided to
stay and try and get Leicester into the Premiership, but in case he doesn't Leicester
certainly still have options. This is even without considering the money that
would be gained from his sale. If Leicester can just keep him until the end of
the season, then this gives the other strikers a whole season to settle into
their new club. His sale would certainly be a terrible loss for Leicester, but
it is nice to know that it is not necessarily the end of the world.


Article title: Here’s hoping Leicester can retain his services

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