Ipswich Town Wasteful In The Transfer Market Again

It was a rather quiet transfer deadline day for Ipswich fans as the club wrapped up most of their business the day before the deadline.

In a lot of ways this is a relief because the panic of transfer deadline day can lead to ‘panic buys’ and it looks like Jewell has done a lot of research on each of his signings.

It is too early to fully judge the players that have been brought in but so far it looks like most of them are solid buys. The bad news is that the club have wasted a lot of money by letting players go for nothing.

With FFP guidelines coming in you can see that the club were in a bit of a difficult situation as their wage bill was above what is recommended but they were still expected to bring players in. This meant that in order to complete certain transfers they had to release some players for free. It makes sense given the circumstances but it does seem to be something that keeps happening to Ipswich due to poor planning.

Everyone will remember signings like Priskin and Norris that were bought for high amounts, given big contracts then let go for free. This summer we have seen Leadbitter, Bullard, Peters, Stevenson and Delaney all leave the club for free.

Peters leaving is understandable as he hasn’t played much under Jewell, was probably on low wages and probably terminated his contract with little compensation. The club probably tried to sell him for a small fee but there wouldn’t have been many clubs after him.

The financial losses from the other players leaving for free can only be blamed on poor planning though. If the club could not agree terms with Leadbitter around this time last year then they should have sold him at that point or at least last January. Instead they kept paying him his over the top wages for the whole season then let him leave for free. Given Bullard’s injury problems he should have been given a shorter contract but admittedly no one predicted that he would become as useless as he did. The club will have had to pay Bullard a pretty substantial fee to get him to terminate his contract though.

Stevenson joined Ipswich for the small fee of £50,000 back in January but his wife wanted to move back up to Scotland so we let him go back to Hearts for free. It may seem a bit heartless (no pun intended) but why should we let a player leave for free just because his wife hasn’t settled? If the player was worth £50,000 in January then surely he is still worth at least that now.

Of course, £50,000 isn’t a lot of money to a club like Ipswich but there is no point in wasting money especially as they are trying to run the club as efficiently as possible. If Hearts didn’t want to pay that £50,000 then Ipswich should have told Stevenson that he is staying and he would have made a decent back up player. Overall, letting Stevenson go was a terrible piece of business from Ipswich which summarises their lack of common sense at times in the transfer market.

Damien Delaney is was in a similar situation. The player was only going to be used as back up and he obviously wanted to being playing every week. However, the club paid just under a million pounds for Delaney and would have been paying him fairly high wages, so why let him go for free? He is an average defender who would have been useful as back up so it was another situation where the club should have either got a small fee for the player or kept him at the club until January.

Now Ipswich have left themselves in a situation where they are short in numbers at the back and relying doing business in theloan window. If the club sort themselves out and make some good loan signings then it will become easier to forgive their wasteful summer. I always like to end on a positive not and there are some positives to take from this summer in that Loach, Chambers, Luongo all look capable at Championship level. Paul Taylor is rated very highly by everyone at Peterborough so hopefully there will be a lot to come from him too.