Is Ipswich’s Tyrone Mings a true representation of the modern day footballer?

Tyrone Mings

It was surprising to see an Ipswich player make national news for the right reasons last week.

In case you didn’t see the story; Ipswich youngster Tyrone Mings made headlines as he noticed that a fan on twitter was “too skint” to make it to the Bolton game, so sorted him out with tickets to the game.

The best thing about the story won’t be known to most though as only Ipswich fans will see the huge contrast between Mings’ behaviour and that of certain highly paid Ipswich players.

It is hard to remember all of the unprofessional behaviour committed by Ipswich players so I will quickly list as much of it as I can. Paul Taylor – Charged with GBH after an incident outside a pub (also previously banned for failing drugs test), Guirane N’Daw – Charged with assault, Michael Chopra – lost over £2 million due to gambling addiction, Carlos Edwards – Banned from driving. Furthermore, that isn’t even all of it as previous loanee’s Bilel Mohsni and Tyrone Barnett both caused problems at their parent clubs just before joining Ipswich.

As soon as I read the story about Mings’ good deed I imagined the faces of the players that have got their names in the papers for the wrong reasons. It was quite amusing to think of them all taking a long hard look at themselves and realising that they taken far too much for granted.

It is fair to say that Mings is an exception amongst the Ipswich playing staff. I know a few members of the squad do their bit for charity and the community but on the whole they wouldn’t go out of their way to help out a fan.

He is certainly an exception at Ipswich, but is the young Tractor Boys defender a fair representation of typical English footballer? Unfortunately I think there are more players like Ipswich’s trouble makers around rather than good role models. Of course there will be players that never take what they have for granted and remember what the game is about, but overall a lot of players lose sight of that.

It was great to see the story of Ming’s generosity go further than the local news as it may help a few players remember how lucky they are to be in the position that they are. I would hope that the story embarrassed a few of the trouble makers at Ipswich too, although we will never know how they reacted.

It would be wrong to dwell on the negative side of a positive story though and it shows that twitter can be a fantastic tool for establishing a positive relationship between fans and player’s. A lot of people talk about the negatives of twitter and why it is dangerous to let fans have direct access to players thoughts and opinions. My argument would be that it is only dangerous when handled by an idiot, but that is a debate for another day.

In conclusion, it was great to see Ipswich in the headlines for the right reasons and I think I speak for every ITFC fan when I say thank you Tyrone Mings for doing your part in restoring the damaged reputation of my club.