It’s A Hard Life Being A Coventry Fan

Just as Coventry City’s hopes are raised they are quickly dashed with a 2-1 loss at home to Scunthorpe. There had looked to have been real progress in the weeks before, but what I saw against Scunthorpe was the Coventry we are all sadly so used too.

It was a chance to continue a run of three wins in a row and a chance to actually start moving up the table. Sadly though it was a chance missed and it was yet another game in which we ended up with no points having previously been in a winning position.

This has almost become the norm for Coventry this season with that now making it 19 points lost from winning positions the worst record in all four top divisions in England. This is a shocking statistic and you have to wonder where we could be right now if we hadn’t thrown away these leads. Now I’m not being naive and saying we should have had all of these points as every team lets a lead slip every so often but even if we had half we could be sitting far more comfortably in the table and still with real promotion ambitions.

Instead we once again find ourselves near the foot of the table struggling to find any kind of form which will see us make any significant climb up the table. We as a club continue to look destined to be stuck in the lower echelons of whatever league we find ourselves in.

Now all fans of all clubs have bad times and things to moan about but they also seem to have good times and things to cheer about and this is something that so far as a Coventry City supporter I have never truly experienced. The one and only time that comes to mind for me was when we managed to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Carling Cup. This was a great occasion for everyone involved with Coventry City at the time but in the grand scheme of things it actually meant very little.

My time as Coventry fan has seen us relegated from the Premier League, get into serious financial trouble, nearly not exist as a club and get relegated to League One where they have struggled. Other clubs have had all these issues but the majority if not all have bounced back in someway or another.

I don’t like using Leicester as an example but they are the perfect example. They have experienced the lows just like we have but they have also had plenty to cheer with promotion challenges as well as a big money takeover.

They also hold the record of only having been beaten by us once in 16 matches since both teams’ relegation from the Premier League. As local rivalries go there aren’t many that have been more one sided in terms of results than the M69 derby and as many of the people I know are Leicester fans I have never been allowed to forget this.

Another good example is Portsmouth who’s turmoil over the past couple of seasons has been well documented. However even they have experienced an historic FA Cup triumph which I’m not sure any Coventry fan can ever realistically dream of again. Also look at their neighbours Southampton and how far they went down and look at them now back in the top flight.

There are so many examples all at different stages of turmoil and success but we as a club have been slowly drifting downwards and I truly am getting fed up of it now. We keep changing managers, we keep changing players but nothing ever seems to truly change. Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit on this occasion as I do think Mark Robins is a good manager but we keep doing the same things over and over again.

I do think there are some good players in the squad at the moment but worryingly I also feel that we as team are being carried by McGoldrick. His goals are giving us a fighting chance of winning at the moment but we are conceding goals far too readily and that has to change.

With every game that passes I am losing faith that McGoldrick will stay. Yes he has reiterated that he is enjoying his football here and that he probably wants to leave Forest but we as a club have been here so many times before and I can’t remember on any of them occasions the player choosing to stay. Instead they always choose to go to a club in a better position than ourselves both league and financial wise and who can blame them.

I hate to be so pessimistic about the club but I have tried optimism for the last 10 years or so and it has got me nowhere other than being laughed at by other Coventry fans for believing things could change.

In my heart of hearts I will always believe there is a chance of change but for now I am sticking with my head and my head is telling me that nothing is going to change anytime soon and that this season has already turned out to be another massively disappointing one.


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