Leeds Fans Stay United As Club Around Them Burns

Neil Warnock

Sunday was a poignant reminder of just how far Leeds have fallen. Matched against the current Premier League champions who had clambered their way to the top from similar depths to us, in a cup tie that was never even a contest.

Leeds were outplayed, outfought and outdone in every single department. Except one.

Once again, the fans were the only good thing to be associated with our club. Non-stop chanting throughout a game that was beyond us as early as the fifth minute meant that the players had no excuses about being intimidated by the home crowd, Leeds fans gave it their all and once again, were let down by the team representing them on the pitch.

This club is nothing without it’s fans. They are the difference between us and every other mid-table Championship team, the heartbeat of the club.

It’s about time they got rewarded with more than just half hearted performances and after match excuses.

I’m not speaking solely about the cup game, we were never expected to win, but how many games this season have we come up against teams that are struggling or out of form and crumbled.

We’re tired of hearing the same old excuses, I’ve lost count of the amount of people in the football world that have claimed that Leeds will be back in the Premier League in no time, only for us to be found wanting time and time again. There is no quick fix, the club needs direction and it needs it now.

If GFH are to stay then they need to act quickly, this season is well and truly over but bringing in a new manager now gives them time to assess the squad and then he needs serious backing in the summer. This is obvious to every single Leeds fan that I’ve ever spoken to, so why does it appear to be falling on deaf ears at the club?

I understand their loyalty to Warnock at the time of the takeover, fair enough, he’d stuck with us while the whole sorry saga dragged on, but that was months ago and for him to claim that he deserves a medal is nothing short of ridiculous.

What do the fans deserve Neil? Did we not stick with the club too?

The difference is that we don’t want medals and we don’t want recognition, because sticking with the club is what we do. That doesn’t mean that we deserve to sit and watch dire performances week after week and then listen to the excuses afterwards about how great a job you’re doing. If this is what you would call a great job, then we should be seriously thankful that you aren’t doing a bad one.

While we’re here, I agree. You aren’t doing a bad job Neil, you’re doing an awful job.

I read somewhere that Warnock had claimed to have turned Leeds around. I can only assume he’s referring to the way that we’re now rapidly going backwards.

No matter what happens over the next few months, GFH have to start listening to the fans. We aren’t chanting ‘Warnock out’ for the laugh. It’s all good and well keeping Ken Bates around to help guide you, but you have all the help you could ever need sat around you watching the club fall apart every Saturday afternoon.

If GFH want to succeed, they need to trust the fans in what we’re saying, we know the club better than anyone ever could, and after 8 years of being ignored we’re more than willing to help. Advice is only good advice when it’s given by the right people, if GFH choose those people wisely there’s every chance they can bring success to Elland Road.

If not, we’ll carry on going backwards until it’s too late to recover. The next few months will see some of the most important decisions made off the field, the only thing you can guarantee is that the fans are going nowhere.

At least, until the world stops going round.

Twitter – @giddy_goose