Leeds United – GFH Capital And Bates Throw Season Away

It’s Christmas next month.

The majority of us will at some point pull a cracker and read out one of the notoriously bad jokes inside that are always funny, in a really unfunny way.

How suitable it is then that we sit here still awaiting the ‘imminent’ announcement of a completed takeover by GFH Capital, as this truly is becoming a bad joke, and nobody is laughing at this one.

I’ve always been in the ‘give them time’ camp. I’ve said all along that I’ll judge them on what they do after they take over from Ken, but with a third of the season gone and Leeds’ league position falling quicker than David Haighs popularity, I’ve had enough.

Back in October GFH told us “We have a separate budget from the purchase total to buy better players to achieve promotion to the Premier League”

That was all good and well at the time, we were doing quite well in the league and the emergency loan window was far from slamming shut. But what use is it now? Warnock is a good manager, but he’s no miracle worker. Our team are doing the best they can but it’s nowhere near good enough for promotion, we’ve been crying out for a sprinkling of quality for months and yet still we sit here waiting for things to change.

For me, GFH are as much to blame as Ken. I was happy for them to take their time, who wouldn’t when buying from Bates? But they’ve let the entire saga drag on to the point where the season is practically beyond us. Not only that, but the lack of information throughout the process has been nothing short of ridiculous. As fans, we don’t want to see David Haigh tweet ‘Working hard’ every week.

Enough is enough. The January transfer window is fast approaching and someone needs to put their money where their mouth is. Takeovers can take time, but six months suggests a serious problem. GFH have sat back and watched our season fall apart, if they are really in this for the good of the club then where has the urgency been?

I want Ken Bates out as much as every other Leeds fan, but what are we set to replace him with?

GFH have been getting frustrated with people questioning their financial capabilities, but how can they blame us? They’ve done nothing to allay the fans fears other than release a few pointless statements. Actions speak louder than words, and their actions are speaking volumes.

They are not completely to blame for all of this.

Our beloved chairman has played his part too. His unjustified rants at fans, LUST, GFH and seemingly every journalist on the scene has been embarrassing. I’m in no doubt that he’s thrown more than the odd spanner in the works over the last few months, but did we ever expect anything less.

All in all, our season is becoming a waste of everyone’s time. Warnock only wanted one more season and what a season he’s having. For a campaign that started with so much promise and optimism, it is heartbreaking to watch as it dwindles out into nothing.

If GFH do take over they have a lot of work to do. Leeds need more than just investment in the team now. The fans, players and manager are devoid of all optimism, support is divided and frustration is growing by the day.

Working hard? The hard work hasn’t even begun.

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