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Leeds United – Patience With GFH Capital Will Pay Off

The last ten days has seen some Leeds fans seemingly lose patience with the lack of any immediate transfer window action at the club, with the majority of those directing their frustration towards our new owners.

While I can understand their reasoning to a degree, I can’t help but sympathise with GFH-C over the situation. They’ve taken over a club devoid of much hope when it comes to transfer windows, we’re pretty much used to seeing them come and go without anything to get overly excited about.

With that in mind, it would be foolish, and a little harsh, to judge them on the basis of the last eight frustrating years. As it stands we haven’t signed anyone unexpected, Ryan Hall made his move from Southend permanent and Michael Tonge will be here anytime too, but the transfer window is only one third down, there is an awfully long time to go.

Warnock confirmed earlier that he has been rebuffed in his approaches for seven or eight targets already, which seemed to be a reason for some to once again question the capabilities of GFH-C.

GFH-C own Leeds United. They don’t own any of the clubs that Warnock spoke to regarding the players in question, and they cannot physically force any club to sell their players.

Sometimes our fans are guilty of looking at the negatives. Rather than focusing on how we’ve been unable to bring in the targets Warnock has enquired about already, the majority of the fans that are complaining have missed the fact that Neil has been given the green light to chase his targets in the first place, which suggests that, as promised, Neil has the full backing of the owners.

I cant be too critical of those that are missing the bigger picture at the moment, it’s to be expected after years of Bates’ excuses, but we cannot judge GFH-C by his standards.

Of course, that is an incredibly hard thing to do, as it means having faith and trust in GFH-C to do all the things Ken promised and failed us on.

Bates likes his over the top comparisons, so with that in mind, think of the last eight years with Ken as an abusive relationship that we’ve finally been able to walk away from. We’ve met someone new that says all the things Ken did, but promises to actually do them. No matter how convincing GFH-C are, their actions will be what they’re judged on. We want to trust them, most of us feel like we can, but until we’ve seen proof that we’re right to we just can’t forget the lies from our abusive relationship with Ken.

That feels a bit wrong doesn’t it.

Anyway, my point here is that it’d be unfair to assume GFH-C are the same as Bates, Ken never invested in the team, whereas GFH-C sanctioned moves for Alan Tate and Jerome Thomas within days of them taking over.

Think back to that day, everyone felt as though they’d shown their intent, for the first time in a long time we’d signed players of quality on a deadline day.

It’s hard to keep confident and hopeful knowing we’ve been here before, but let’s give our new owners more than just ten days of a transfer window to put right eight long years of damage.

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Article title: Leeds United – Patience With GFH Capital Will Pay Off

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