Leeds United – Ross McCormack Is Captain Material

Ross McCormack

There’s a new era underway at Elland Road, and with eras there’s no middle ground, they either go down in history as successful or unsuccessful. In Leeds’ recent history it has often been the latter.

In our greatest times we’ve always had a stand out leader on the pitch who has been the epitome of what it means to ‘be Leeds’.

Charles, McAllister, Radebe, Strachan, Bremner. All names that instantly spark memories of greater times, they were all from eras that we can look back on and deem a success.

The intriguing thing with the successful eras is that they often start when you least expect them. Their rarity makes them what they are, if you were always successful you’d never truly appreciate your success. Take a look at the current team and compare the players to those names above and you face an impossible task. The names I mentioned are of players that have created history with the club, something that the present squad have yet to achieve.

Of all the captains Leeds have ever had, their most notable is of course the legendary Billy Bremner, and he should be the inspiration for anyone pulling the captains armband over the famous white shirt.

In 1959, Bremner signed for Leeds. He was an unknown schoolboy at the time, nobody could’ve ever predicted that he’d go on to be the clubs greatest ever captain. From an unknown to a club legend, the greatest player we’ve ever had.

The club captaincy is the highest privilege that can be offered to a Leeds player, and with all due respect to our current captain Lee Peltier, the more recent leaders haven’t quite been up to scratch.

To captain Leeds the most vital attribute you require is passion.

Passion is the one thing that fans ask for week in week out, it alone is enough to get the fans on your side. If a player gives 110% and is genuinely passionate for the club, they’ll often go a long way.

With that in mind there is only one player out of the current squad that I believe fits that mould, and considering the title of this article I’m sure you already know who that is, but just incase you missed it, it’s Ross McCormack.

When you look at your club captain you want to see passion, fight, determination and effort and I can’t remember a single game in which McCormack hasn’t displayed all of those characteristics. If every other player had matched his effort last season you can’t help but wonder how different the campaign could’ve been.

All of our successful eras have had a captain worthy of the legendary status that they hold at the club, and if the next few years see us return to the Premier League and progress then we’ll need someone on the pitch that knows exactly what it means to be Leeds. McCormack just seems to get it.

Whether the club appoint a new captain or not is anybody’s guess, but if they do, they could do a lot worse than giving him the armband.

The story of all legends has to begin somewhere.

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