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Leeds United – The Truth About Ken Bates

I try not to write articles about the same thing too often, I don’t want to be seen as having an agenda, but whenever I write about Ken Bates the comments I get never cease to amaze me.

Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the comments are from fans that understand the situation that Leeds currently find themselves in and they appear to come from people that are pretty clued up on the facts.

But then there’s the other 10%, those that can’t see a problem with Bates, that have fallen for every line he’s ever thrown them. Hook, line, sinker.

This is the man that once told the world how he wouldn’t rest until Leeds United were removed from the Football League, who told us fans that he would rather liquidate us than allow anyone else to take control. Ken Bates never ‘saved us’ – he just made himself the only option. This is the man that takes millions out of the club year after year for his own personal gain. What is it that people aren’t seeing?

The one argument that always seems to get thrown around in Bates’ defence is that we are now a club operating within our means, a club making profit. Have you ever looked at where that profit comes from?

Year after year our top players are sold and the money seems to evaporate, yet still some cant see what is happening. The club makes a profit, yes, but only because of player sales. Is that really a club running within its means? Reliant on player sales to make profit?

The club has no money left, that much is obvious and we are looking at a bleak future unless the proposed takeover is completed.

Bizarrely, some still seem to question whether the takeover is even real, despite the mountain of proof before them – The supporters trust confirmed that a takeover bid was being made, the club confirmed they were speaking to a group, the buyers representatives even sat with Bates at Elland Road when we played Wolves but still people doubt it.

This takeover is critical to the future of Leeds, despite what you hear from Bates we aren’t a club running within it’s means, we aren’t on a sound financial footing and we are going nowhere with him at the helm. To put it bluntly, Leeds face a very real threat of administration if the takeover does not go through, simply because Bates and the club have no money left.

The money from player sales over the summer was used to replenish the squad, which was a welcomed change as we have seen many a player leave for handsome fees but without the money being reinvested in a suitable replacement in the past, but Warnock has openly admitted that the money has now run out and that he expects no further signings.

The saying ‘so close yet so far’ applies to the current squad, as we are only a few quality additions away from becoming a serious force in this division, though without those additions we can only assume that with injuries and suspensions further down the line that we will fall away into the middle of the table by the time Christmas comes around.

So this is it, the transfer window is about to close. We have a team that is so close to completion yet we have no money to complete it. The club have no money and they are at risk of administration if something does not happen quickly.

The takeover is currently waiting for Bates to sign, we are literally a signature away from having money to spend, a team of quality players and a season of hope. This is the signature of the man who claims to have Leeds’ best interests at heart, the man who repeatedly tells us all how well we are doing financially.

The man is a liar. The quicker those that remain oblivious to the truth realise that, the better.

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Article title: Leeds United – The Truth About Ken Bates

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