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Leeds United – Will Bates’ Programme Notes Reveal All?

Considering we were first told of a bid for the club months ago, you can’t really blame anyone for getting almost a little bored with the situation.

After all, there are only so many times you can get your hopes up over a made up tweet or somebody claiming to the be the Grandfather of a Leeds club shop workers brothers best friend, who just so happens to be the only person other than those involved with the deal that knows any sort of information at all. It does get a little tiring.

Nevertheless, there is a season to kick off, and we’ll be doing just that (kind of) on Saturday with a cup game against Shrewsbury. That means a match programme, which normally contains a ‘Dear Morons’ article from Bates.

When asked who would be writing the chairman’s notes for the programme, Paul Dews wittily replied ‘the chairman’. Thanks for that Paul.

Of course, what Dews didn’t confirm was whether ‘the chairman’ would infact be Bates, though we can assume it most probably will be.

This then opens up another can of worms, will he mention the takeover? Will he tell us all it was one big hoax? Will it just be a page filled with ‘hahahahaha ha LOL’ alongside a picture of his big smiling mug?

Considering he confirmed a few weeks ago to ESPN that there was a confidentiality agreement in place, meaning that he cannot speak about the deal at all, it is expected that he wont be able to reveal too much, though I’m sure it will be well worth a read regardless.

Naturally, we at Leeds have grown to expect the worst, to us optimism is merely a one way street to doom and gloom, though for those that are still daring to dream the programme notes could be an ideal way for the new owners to introduce themselves and I’ve been thinking about how I’d like them to do it.

For me, I’d like the usual picture of Ken Bates (you know, the one of him resting on his hand with that ‘Thank you for buying the programme, another £4 towards my retirement fund’ look on his face) stuck on there, but for him to have had devil horns, obscenities and breasts drawn on him by the new owners.

In all seriousness, the new people could quite easily be holding out for the programme notes, it’d be a bizarre way of introducing themselves but who knows, that might just be how these guys roll. They could even introduce themselves on the pitch to the masses, the opportunities are endless!

Ironically, the summer has seen us allow Warnock to build a team of hard working players that are almost all an improvement on their previous counterparts without a takeover anyway, though I assume that the reinvestment of transfer funds for the players sold was not something Ken personally suggested himself.

The team look good, though they are lacking a spark. Warnock has stated how he hopes to bring in a right winger and a striker, with the Beckford link refusing to go away. When asked whether Beckford would be interested, Warnock stated – ‘he’d turn down Southampton to play for us’ but followed that with ‘If you lads all chip in for his wages we’ll get him here’

My £1 is in the post Neil.

Take care fellow morons!

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Article title: Leeds United – Will Bates’ Programme Notes Reveal All?

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