Is THIS still ruining Leeds United?

Despite the obvious signs that Massimo Cellino is doing his best to ruin the famous and great club Leeds United, a lot of fans seemed to want to rise to his defence a few months ago, the guy has pumped a lot of money into Leeds, developed the youth players and integrated them well into the senior squad. He has knowledge of running football clubs in Italy and a lot of football know-how, his European approach is a great breath of fresh air, why should the manager be allowed to pick who he wants to sign in the transfer market?

Leeds United get a lot of bad press, granted that can be quite annoying as a Leeds fan. However, the fact that so many people are slating Mr Cellino for ruining this once great club surely points to the fact that they are still very much loved and most neutrals would agree that they belong back in the big time and it’s disgusting to see them being run in such a poor fashion.

First of all the main concern for most outside observers is that before making his appearance in England, Cellino made his way through 36 coaches in 22 years at Cagliari. That is quite simply astonishing – if not brutal. And he has continued that rich form of going through managers quicker than most of us go through underwear since his arrival at Elland Road. It isn’t just the first team coaches careers he is ruining either – which is what he is doing if you think about it really and assess the reputation he is giving these poor people – Cellino dispensed with the services of under-18s coach Richard Naylor and the under-16s’ Leigh Bromby, suggesting he does not value youth development particularly highly.

He seems to have no respect for the people under his employment, playing a game, changing his mind on a regular basis, one minute he has the right man for the job and the next minute he dislikes them and they are fired. How can anyone be expected to come in and turn a club’s fortunes around if they are not given the time to do so? Of course someone new is going to take time to bed in and get his own style of management in place, his own style of how he wants his team to play and his own tactics etc. It may be a tricky first month or so but it does not mean you deserve to be fired before you have even got going! Yes! One whole month their latest manager has lasted in the job.

To quote Henry Winter from the Telegraph:

“New characters have been written in and out of the Leeds script on an almost weekly basis, barely having time to unpack. The sporting consultant Benito Carbone came and went. Gianluca Festa did not stay long. Nigel Gibbs was named caretaker before Brian McDermott was reinstated and then dismissed, his treatment so disgusting that it will surely still give the League Managers’ Association nightmares. Dave Hockaday lasted six games as head coach. So did Darko Milanic.” I could not have put it better myself.

Sir Alex Ferguson took four years to win anything at Leeds’ famous and bitter rivals Manchester United. Granted, these days managers are not given the same amount of time as they were back in the good ol’ days, but Cellino takes the biscuit when it comes to how much time he is allowing for someone to come in, stabilise the situation, get a grasp of the task in hand and try and steer this club back in the right direction.

So many Leeds fans jumped to the defence of the Italian chairman in the early stages of the season when so much bad press came out regarding the transfer policy and how little control was allowed to the head coaches. They stated that it was early days yet and that the Italian would help push the club back in the right direction again. Yet here we are, two managers later (months that is, too) with Leeds sitting in 18th position in the Championship table on only four wins out of fourteen games.

Such is the genius of this man that he is further ruining the club he owns and will continue to do so. Leeds are not going in the right direction at all under this man, and I hope to be proved wrong as it is a travesty for this once great club to be treated in the manner that it is at the moment.

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