Leeds fans bash major club announcement

It’s been a pretty miserable season for Leeds fans, and fans are once again bashing their club after the announcement of two post-season friendlies.

While some fans may think it’s bad enough making them watch two more matches after the capitulation this season, it is the location of those two friendlies that is causing some controversy.

The club announced on Tuesday morning that they will play two post-season matches in crisis-hit Myanmar.

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has been the scene of plenty of political and societal unrest in recent times, with thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing the country and accusing the regime of ethnic cleansing.

Of course, there has been unrest on and off the pitch for Leeds this season, with fans growing tired of their shoddy transfers, gutless performances and underwhelming manager.

Managing director Angus Kinnear said: “Myanmar is one of the fastest growing nations in southeast Asia and is passionate about English football. They have ambitious goals for grassroots and elite football development that we are delighted to be able to support.”

The Leeds squad, minus those with international duties, will face the Myanmar National League All-Stars team on May 9 before squaring off with the national side on May 11.

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